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DEFENDO.COM is pleased to introduce a revolutionary approach to teaching what many consider the worlds most well proven and effective system of self defense.

Learn anywhere, anytime.

For the first time, DEFENDO.COM Members can learn DEFENDO CBQ at their location on their schedule. Through DEFENDO.COM’s unique combination of unlimited instructional video access, online forum with qualified Instructors, and Member Community Network to connect with Members in your area, DEFENDO.COM has created a method to learn the system without the traditional commitment and cost of a local training center. Using this format, members can easily progress though DEFENDO CQB’s modular units covering the compete system, ask questions of qualified instructors, discuss training with other members, and train in person with members in their area no matter where they are.


The system of DEFENDO CQB is a cutting edge extension of William Fairbairn's original system first developed for Police use, and later adapted for military applications during WWII. A key principal in training for Fairbairn, was that of evolution. And in that same spirit, DEFENDO CQB reflects an evolution and modernization of the system to address real world violence as it occurs today. As the fundamental principals of what Fairbairn first developed still hold true more than 70 years later, the system of DEFENDO CQB has not "recreated the wheel", but rather given it a modern edge using the same scientific research methods and real world battle testing.

DEFENDO CQB teaches it's students to survive real world violence using a combat proven system of physical, tactical, and mental techniques unequaled anywhere. The physical side of our training consists of specific "BRICKS" (BATTLE proven, REACTION for, INSTINCTIVE, CONTROL or, KILL) or modules which integrate to form one of the world's most complete and realistic CQB system. The system is scientifically based on proven concepts of real combat, together with universal principles of physics, biomechanics, physiology and psychology. At DEFENDO.COM we provide our members with the most realistic skill set possible to effectively deal with real world violence.

DEFENDO CQB’s physical techniques use simple sets of universal principles consistent throughout the training, creating a seamless integration between individual "BRICKS" of training. Whether you're standing or on the ground, being attacked from the front or ambushed from the rear, facing a knife or a stick, the core concepts remain the same. This consistency makes the system quick and easy to learn, and more importantly, easy to remember. This type of training has made it possible for the world's elite Police military units to produce highly skilled individuals in relatively short periods of time for more than 70 years.

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